REXEL 2015

Activity and Sustainable
Development Report


Improving our clients’

Rexel integrates the best of products and technologies in order to fit its customers’ needs by creating innovative solutions and services. Its customer proximity and its capacity to provide specific offers allow the Group to deliver solutions tailored for each market segment.

our industrial clients
supply chain

Large installers, maintenance companies and manufacturers share the same concern: guaranteeing the reliability of their supply chain and streamlining every step in order to simplify operating and control costs. Rexel supports them in their streamlining efforts with customized tools and solutions.

Reducing procurement costs

Lowering procurement costs is not only a question of reducing the purchasing cost of products. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) must account for other costs related to orders, delivery, billing, supply management, etc. Taken together, these costs can double the price of a product. Rexel therefore works across the entire supply chain, in partnership with its customers, in order to streamline these costs.



Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) enables customers to save money. Rexel’s expertise lies as much in the physical organization of warehouse inventory as it does in restocking procedures, reporting adjustment, obsolescence analysis or min/max inventory level recommendation.
Gexpro rolled out a new tool, OASIS Insight, intended to manage inventory and restocking management for industrial customers or major worksites.

Kitting, or the delivery of pre-assembled material, is another way for customers to save money, through better resource allocation and optimized procurement. Gexpro’s QuickKits gather and label all necessary supplies for a given installation according to clients’ specifications.


Thanks to the reading of bar codes with a scanner or a smartphone, OASIS Insight manages inventory and can automatically replenish stock according to predetermined levels, regardless of products’ source. Rexel can thus ensure the reception and verification of all supplies on its clients’ worksites.



Dedicated to large construction projects and major infrastructure programs, Rexel IPG (International Projects Group) provides customized services to optimize procurement and logistics management. As a partner of large engineering companies, they help lower their cost base through supplier consolidation, technical application assistance, project management solutions and logistic services. Rexel IPG have been executing more than 300 projects in 20 countries over the past five years.


As an example, they have successfully handled supply of electrical material for various EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) companies on the largest petrochemical project in Saudi Arabia, and are beginning the execution of a major LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) project in the US for a leading North American EPC company.


In 2015, Rexel IPG offered its customers a new solution, called IPG MAPS, to assist them in addressing operational challenges on projects in terms of schedule, budgets and quality requirements. This solution helps customers manage the complexity of electrical material management by consolidating all information and approvals required for successful execution, e.g. preparing an order, managing material release validation, tracking delivery, managing documentation, verifying inventory levels, consulting invoices, following up on issues, or monitoring the overall project. This solution is available online for easier access and can be customized to the specific requirements of each project for improved efficiency and traceability.


Offering efficient reporting tools

Launched in 2014, the TCO Tracking Tool (T3) is a reporting tool intended to identify and track the implementation of possible savings for Rexel customers in order to reduce their TCO. Achieving these savings has become increasingly complex because they involve a growing number of tools and people. The purpose of the T3 is to register, consolidate and track the involvement of these various actors. It includes more than

40 actions to reduce procurement costs with solutions covering e-procurement, suppliers reduction, energy efficiency, Electronic Data Interchange, punch out (feature enabling major industrial groups to access up-to-date and customized data and to import it to their own information system), Vendor Managed Inventory, etc. Each action offered by Rexel relies on a specific analysis of the customer’s needs combined with an estimation of the possible savings. The T3 is accessible from any mobile device, with ergonomic data presentation and intuitive use. Implementation of the T3 began in April 2014. In 2015, it led to 566 actions that enabled 155 users in 45 companies to emphasize 10 million euros in savings.


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