REXEL 2015

Activity and Sustainable
Development Report


Improving our clients’

Rexel integrates the best of products and technologies in order to fit its customers’ needs by creating innovative solutions and services. Its customer proximity and its capacity to provide specific offers allow the Group to deliver solutions tailored for each market segment.

in energy

Accelerating the energy transition relies as much on easy access to energy efficient solutions as it does on the solutions themselves. These solutions already exist: eco-efficient products, control and regulation solutions, renewable energies, etc. However, installers as well as end-users do not always have the knowledge or the means needed to implement them. Rexel offers them solution packages designed to make their task easier.

Energeasy: a full range of solutions

In 2015, Rexel rolled out its Energeasy range. These “all-in-one” programs, most of which are web-based, aim to improve access to energy efficiency in order to reduce end-users’ energy bills. Energeasy offers installers technical, commercial and financial support, helping them to reach new markets. End customers benefit from turnkey solutions – including equipment, services and financing – whose cost effectiveness has been clearly proven.


Solutions to improve access to energy efficiency


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Acquired by Rexel in 2013, Inoveha is an engineering consultancy specializing in energy audits in commercial and residential buildings. In 2015, Inoveha was granted OPQIBI (French engineering qualification organism) certification, now a prerequisite for most tenders.



Over the past few years, Rexel has been offering a wider product selection including Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), as well as digital solutions enabling equipment connection regardless of the type of energy used. Breaking down barriers between electricity, plumbing and heating is one of the keys to improving energy efficiency in buildings and to complying with new regulatory requirements (RT 2012 in France). The acquisition of Sofinther in France will enable Rexel to double its sales in this market segment. Specialized in thermal, heating and control solutions for commercial and residential buildings, Sofinther registered 106 million euros in sales in 2014 with 24 branches and 206 employees.


Selling energy savings

While the cost effectiveness of energy efficiency solutions no longer needs demonstration, the high initial investment can sometimes discourage companies and private owners. To overcome this barrier, Rexel and its partners developed a range of solutions to fund the installation of new equipment via anticipated energy savings.



The first financing solutions offered by Rexel were dedicated to lighting, and later evolved to include different types of energy efficient solutions. They completed the turnkey solutions offered to installers, supporting their development and productivity. The installer’s ability to explain how energy savings will finance an installation can convince uncertain customers. In 2015, more than 100 projects were financed through partnerships with companies specializing in financing corporate end customers. Therefore, DLL, a subsidiary of RaboBank, is offering them leasing solutions via Rexel installers in eight countries (China, Finland, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden and the UK).


One of the world’s leaders in its sector wanted to renovate the lighting in one of its largest stores in Europe. Its goal was threefold: improve the customer experience, optimize the amount of energy consumed by lighting (30% of its electricity bill) and reduce its environmental footprint.
In 2015, this client asked Rexel to conduct a technical study for a new LED lighting installation and suggest a financing solution. Rexel’s proposal was to replace the existing lamps with latest-generation LEDs. Energy and maintenance savings being greater than lease payments over 5 years, the project was self-financed at no additional cost to the client.
In one year, the energy consumed by lighting will be reduced by over 30%, saving 4 TCO2e*. The new lighting will also divide by five the number of maintenance operations. Finally, the quality of the lighting has improved by 50%, which means a better customer experience and improved working conditions for employees.

*TCO2e = Tons of CO2 equivalent



The financing solution range developed with its partners enables Rexel to provide optimal, tailored responses to its customers’ energy efficiency issues worldwide.

Yan Baratte
Group Marketing and
Services Development Manager